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Dimplex Gosford GOS20

Dimplex Electric Fires & Stoves

Dimplex Gosford GOS20

The Dimplex Gosford Optimyst electric stove embodies classic elegance and modern technology to create a captivating focal point in any room. With its innovative Optimyst flame effect technology, this stove delivers a remarkably realistic simulation of flames dancing over a bed of glowing logs, offering all the charm of a traditional wood-burning fire without the need for a chimney or the mess of ashes.


  1. Optimyst Flame Effect: The Gosford Optimyst utilises advanced technology to produce a mesmerisingly lifelike flame effect, complete with smoke, enhancing the ambience and warmth of your living space.
  2. Timeless Design: Crafted with attention to detail, this stove features a timeless design with a matt black finish and realistic log bed, complementing both classic and contemporary interior styles.
  3. Adjustable Heat Settings: With adjustable heat settings, you can effortlessly control the level of warmth emitted by the stove, ensuring comfort on chilly evenings.
  4. Easy Installation: Operating solely on electricity, the Gosford Optimyst requires no venting or chimney installation, providing hassle-free setup and operation.
  5. Remote Control: Included remote control allows for convenient adjustment of heat settings and flame intensity from anywhere in the room, offering optimal comfort and convenience.
  6. Clean and Safe: Unlike traditional wood-burning stoves, this electric stove produces no harmful emissions or ash, promoting a clean and safe indoor environment for your family.
  7. Compact Size: Designed with a compact footprint, the Gosford Optimyst is ideal for smaller spaces, such as flats or cosy living rooms, without compromising on style or performance.

Transform your living space into a warm and inviting retreat with the Dimplex Gosford Optimyst electric stove, where timeless design meets modern convenience for an unparalleled fireplace experience.