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Evonic Octane 1550

Electric Fires, Contemporary Electric Fires

Evonic Octane 1550

Elevate your home with the Octane 1550 Electric Fire from Evonic – the epitome of modern sophistication and innovation. Crafted with precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology, this electric fire redefines luxury heating for the contemporary home. Whether you’re looking to add a stylish focal point to your living space or enhance the ambiance of your bedroom, the Octane 1550 delivers unparalleled warmth and style.

The Evonic Octane 1550 is one of the larger fires in this range and has been designed for larger living rooms. The Octane 1550 features Evonic’s innovative e-llusion holographic flame effect which is their most up to date technology and provides the most realistic flame picture available. Equipped with SCHOTT Clear Float glass, this fire offers an unrestricted and glare-free view of the flames and log effect.

With two heat options, the Octane fire reaches up to 1500W and offers a generous burst of heat to instantly take the chill out of the room. Unlike other media wall fires, this fire features a silent flame effect. When using the light-only option, there is no mechanical noise whatsoever creating a relaxing ambience. The Evonic Octane 1550 includes a British Woodland log fuel bed that is highly realistic and is further enhanced by the fuel and over-bed illumination.

Key Features

  1. Sleek Contemporary Design: With its sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic, the Octane 1550 brings a touch of contemporary elegance to any room. Its slim profile and wall-mounted design make it the perfect choice for modern interiors.
  2. Realistic Flame Effect: Immerse yourself in the mesmerising glow of the Octane 1550’s realistic flame effect. Using advanced technology, Evonic has created a stunningly lifelike fire experience that rivals traditional gas fires.
  3. Customisable Settings: The Octane 1550 offers a range of customisable settings, allowing you to adjust the flame intensity, heat output, and ambient lighting to suit your preferences. Whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing in solitude, you can create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button.
  4. Smart Technology: Evonic remote control allows you to control the fire from the comfort of your favourite chair. You can also download the e-smart cloud app to control the fire from your smartphone or tablet or you can control the fire through Alexa or Google Home making this fire ideal for anyone who appreciates an innovative gadget.
  5. Glass Options: This widescreen electric fire comes equipped with three glass panels for you to choose between a one-sided, two-sided or three-sided installation.

Octane is the latest innovation in flame effect technology, powered by patented the patented Evonic e-llusion flame effect. By harnessing LED projection, Evonic have created one of the first truly holographic flame effects on the market. Featuring breath-taking immersive flames, and a stunning hypnotic fuel bed that gives an authentic glow, the Octane range is the next generation in heating for the home.