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Newbourne 60FS ECO - Log Store

Wood Burning Stoves, Multi-Fuel Stoves, Contemporary Stoves

Newbourne 60FS ECO – Log Store

The Newbourne 60FS ECO – Log Store offers excellent output of 5kW nominal heat with up to an impressive 82.7% efficency. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative features, this stove is designed to elevate the ambiance of any living space while providing efficient warmth and comfort.

Stylishly designed in the UK and beautifully made, these stoves will look fabulous in your fireplace with its wonderfully curved door offering a remarkable large picture window of the fire burning lazily in the fire chamber. With simple to operate air slider controls and built-in tertiary air, the Newbourne stove offers clean burn performance with efficiencies up to 82.7% whilst producing a lovely warming radiant and convection heat, leaving you delighted and entirely satisfied. 

Stove Options

  1. Log Store Options: Freestanding Bohemia Stoves are available with a stand which allows for easier access and loading and is available in 200mm and 400mm heights.
  2. Leg Height Options: Three different leg heights can be specified to elevate your stove – 60mm standard height with options of 110mm and 160mm available.
  3. Handle and Air Controls: All the Bohemia Stoves are fitted with a chrome cool-to-touch door handle and matching air controls as standard. These are also available in black, stainless brushed steel or a wooden handle.

The Newbourne Wood Burning and Multifuel Range offers a collection of British-designed stoves featuring both freestanding and inset models, with heat outputs up to 8kW. 

This superb collection has been designed not only as attractive appliances for the home but also as high performance stoves, able to meet the Ecodesign environmental requirements of today and tomorrow and approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK. The Newbourne Range offers contemporary and sleek designs with the latest technology in primary air control plus a secondary air wash which effectively keeps the fire window clean, and tertiary air to ensure a clean burn high-efficiency performance, whether burning wood or smokeless fuel.