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Parkray Aspect 14 Boiler

Multi-Fuel Stove, Wood Burning Stove

Parkray Aspect 14 Boiler

Crafted with precision engineering and contemporary design, the Parkray Aspect 14 offers efficient warmth and stylish charm, making it the perfect addition to any modern living space.

This contemporary boiler stove is both practical and extremely desirable, adding ambience to the room alongside its powerful Tripleburn® technology which simultaneously heats the room and the water for your home.

The Aspect 14 Boiler Stove heats the hot water for your home quickly and efficiently whilst providing a magnificent centrepiece for your room with its impressive glass viewing window. One of its key features is the extremely low levels of CO emissions which it emits whilst providing a generous heat output to the room.

Key Features

  1. Efficient Heating: The Parkray Aspect 14 is designed to deliver efficient and consistent heat output, ensuring your home stays warm and cosy even in the coldest of winters.
  2. Modern Design: With its sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic, the Aspect 14 adds a touch of modern flair to any room. Whether installed in a city apartment or a suburban home, it becomes the focal point of the space.
  3. Clean-Burn Technology: Equipped with advanced combustion technology, the Aspect 14 ensures clean and efficient burning, reducing emissions and minimising maintenance requirements.
  4. Airwash System: The built-in airwash system helps to keep the stove’s glass window clean and clear, providing an uninterrupted view of the mesmerising flame patterns.
  5. Plinth: You can choose to have your Aspect stove fitted on a log plinth, which raises it up off the floor and provides a handy place to store your wood.
  6. Bench: The stoves in the Aspect range have the option of being fitted on a bench. There is a choice of two lengths, 800mm and 1,195mm long. Both are at a height of 345mm and a depth of 415mm. Stoves fitted on benches can be installed on a 12mm hearth when freestanding.

Upgrade your home heating with the Parkray Aspect 14 Stove and experience the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and comfort. Order yours today and enjoy cosy nights by the fire for years to come.

Parkray’s wood burning stoves have been developed and refined over a 40-year history. They have become some of the most advanced stoves in the world, but because there is more to a stove than pure performance, they have continually refined the designs to find the perfect balance of lines and curves. Produced by the Hunter Stove Group, Parkray is renowned for its elegant range of stoves perfect for any household across the UK. From slimline, spaceconscious solutions, to powerful stoves perfect for open-plan living, a Parkray fire can warm up any space. The Parkray range of contemporary designs means that there is a stove to suit every setting.